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These are projects that the A.P.Hill chapter of the Virginia League Of The South has either coordinated or participated in since our founding in Janurary of 2002.

Click on link to veiw the particular project.

April 2002, the A.P.Hill chapter coordinated with other southron groups from (6) six other southron states to from the 2002 South Carolina Boycott Blockade Run to Columbia S.C. we also took up an offering from our members to raise (6) six flags in the "project wave" over in Georgia.

May 16th, 2002. The A.P.Hill chapter participated with other southroners from the Southern Party of Virginia, Virginia Heritage Coalition, Sons of Confederate Veterans in the ongoing protest at the Dupont plant in Richmond, Va.

June 2002, A.P.Hill chapter signs up for the Virginia ADOPT-A-HWY program.

July 2002, A.P.Hill chapter develops and starts to coordinate Project "Out Flank" with August 17th as our offical kick off date for this project.

The A.P.Hill Chapter was part of the Southern Party of Virginia's Walk-A-Thon Team for the
2002 Shenanadoah County WalkAmerica