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Southern Heritage
"Operation Out Flank"


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Against All Odds as our brave ancestors of the Confedrate states of America once stood, it is our duty once again to draw the line in the sand and say NO MORE! To the Cultural Genocide of Southroners, the continued erosion of our Consitution and Bill Of Rights and the greatest fear of most Americans the new world order "United Nations".

The Goal of project "Out Flank" is to get representatives in local and state wide offices that will protect our Consitution, Bill Of Rights and our Southron Heritage.

Project "Out Flank" will be comprised of many Southroners through out the Great State of Virginia, a major grassroots effort promoted through community events such as cook outs and group meetings, heritage events i.e. reenactments.

We will always stress electing True Southroners to office who will work diligently to advance principles and issues that we see being central in concern to the Southron people in the 21st Century.

We know that this will require input from Southroners from all across Virginia. Therefore, we strongly encourage your participation in this project "Out Flank" and we earnestly solicit your support.

We hope that our initiative has captured your imagination and has brought you to the realization that Southerners CAN forge for themselves a new path if only we will summon the courage to act.

A.P.Hill Chapter To Establish a C/P.A.C

Cultural/Political Action Committee

1. Letters to the editor campaign.
2. Political yard sign campaign.
3. Phone tree of supporters.

If you or your group would like to sponsor/host a community cook out or meeting to help obtain the goals of project "OUT FLANK" Please feel free to fill out the form provided below.


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