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Southern Heritage
"Operation Out Flank" official kick off celebration


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August 17th, 2002 *** 5:00 to 7:00 p.m.

Attend the kick off
Project "out Flank"

7110 Marye Road - Spotsylvania County - Virginia


Hot Dogs & Hamburgers


Jerry Baxley - Virginia Southern Party (Chairman)

Elliot Germain - Virginia league Of The South (President)

Chad Allen - Virginia Heritage Coalilition (Chairman)


We currently have a $100 1864 C.S.A war bond with cupons donated by Mr. Greg Hanson of Apple Valley MN.

We are still seeking donations for the auction and will untill the 17th but we encourage those who wish to donate some thing to do so early so we can make a list to send out.

For further information click on the email link below.