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Howdy & Welcome to our page of personal opinions and thoughts on issues concerning our "Southron Heritage".


Is this the Klan of the 21st Century?

Anyone who has watched this once-important organization in recent years cannot help but notice the vindictive posture it has assumed. Where the NAACP once fought for equal access, now they seek to deny access for those with whom they disagree. Where the NAACP once respected American history, understanding that we were all Americans and capable of great things, now they seek to deny the teaching of history to American children. Where once the organization fought for equal standards, now they fight for double standards.

The NAACP has proved itself to be an increasingly ignorant organization under its current leadership, and that is truly sad. Increasingly, it seems to embrace the tenets of racism itself, and that is truly frightening. Fighting for equal rights is one thing. Denying them to Southerners, or whites, proud of our heroes and history is quite another. They cannot have it both ways -- if they want a Martin Luther King day, we deserve a day to celebrate our heroes as well. Well, how about it NAACP?
Do you really support true free speech and equal rights
for all? Or are some more free and equal than others? Hypocrisy, thy name is N.A.A.C.P.

NAACP racists try to demonize proud Southerners with the Ku Klux Klan, because the Klan has used a battle flag for use at some of its rallies. But members of the League of the South, the Sons of Confederate Veterans or other Southern organizations want nothing to do with the Klan, and resent them using it.
The Klan also flies the American flag at its rallies, and erects burning crosses. Does this mean people should associate every person who flies an American flag, or who is Christian, with the Klan? Of course not.

The Klan is a very small group of ignorant people scattered around the U.S. And whatever symbols they chose to adopt is by their own demented logic, not endorsed by real Southerners.

The NAACP has itself turned into a racist, anti-American
organization. It has become a group that seeks to deny to others the right of free speech and free expression that it claims are so important for itself. If the NAACP has the right to spew hatred and lies, then surely Southerners have the right to trumpet the truth.

Southerners by the millions are through being ashamed of the flag that flew over our forefathers in battle. Our brave ancestors didn't fight and die for the institution of slavery. By 1861, the first year of the Confederacy, slavery was already a fading economic practice, and only a very small percentage of landowners were able to afford to keep slaves. The boys in gray fought for the values expressed in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

They fought for their states, their homes, and principles of limited government. They fought against oppressive tariffs. In fact, they left the union despite Lincoln's promise not to interfere with slavery.

Slavery was quite simply never the deciding issue.And let's not forget: it was the NORTH that invaded the South, thus starting the war. The South just wanted to be left alone to keep the Founding Father's visions alive.

And we still do! NAACP, we aren't backing down anymore. Your days of one-sided, ignorant, and racist attacks are done. The South is proud of our heroes and our flags. We will fly our flags, and speak freely.

Is The C.S.A Battle Flag
A Symbol of Racism?

OF COARSE NOT!!!!!! This is the main lie perpertrated by the racist to keep us from unity.


The Confederate battle flag -- the one that has the NAACP so confused never had anything to do with slavery.

In fact, it was a flag for soldiers on the battlefield to better identify one another, actually created after the war had started. There was zero political affiliation.

So for the NAACP to claim "that flag represents slavery" is pure historical ignorance.

Slavery started in Africa and Asia, and was imported to the American colonies by the English king. American flags flew over the slave ships for decades, but never once a Confederate flag.

I would like to add that the American flag flew over legal slavery from 1776 till 1867 when congress passed the 13th amendment ending salvery in all states, that makes for 91 years of legal slavery under the union, and 4 years under the confederate flag so you tell me which flag stood for slavery!

Character doesnt come easy for some.

We received this through an email and felt compelled to share with all.

San Diego Times-Union on Aug. 25 was the only newspaper to cover the story of Greg Withrow. He has confessed that his being nailed to a cross like, a crucifixion, on Aug. 8, 1987 was his own doing. Withrow testified against Tom Metzger in the highly publicized Portland case. He falsely swore that Metzger told some Skinheads to beat up immigrants.

Withrow now says that Morris Dees, of the notorious Southern Poverty Law Center in Montgomery, Ala., paid him $1,500 in cash to falsely testify against Metzger. He added that the only other witness against Metzger, David Mazella, also was paid by Dees to lie. This caused Metzger to lose the suit which cost him his home and business. Withrow said that Mazella continued to receive many thousands of dollars from Dees, to keep his mouth shut, during the five years Metzger spent appealing the case to the Supreme Court. Then Dees cut off Mazella's slush fund.

Withrow has filed a $32 million dollar suit against Dees and the Jewish Anti-Defamation League. In order to gain fame and fortune he had four friends nail him to a cross and slightly cut his throat. At the time he alleged that Metzger had ordered unknown persons to carry out the "brutal attack."

Withrow was financed by the ADL on a national speaking tour slandering the Right-Wing and telling this phony-baloney story of his being "crucified like Christ." On the Oprah Winfrey show women had tears in their eyes as he related his tale.

Withrow was featured in many newspaper accounts and in People Magazine. The Jewish ADL paid him to lecture in schools. Actor Woody Harrelson paid Withrow for the movie rights to his story. Harrelson planned to play Withrow in the film. He even testified before a California Senate Judiciary Committee in 1993 to help pass state's anti-hate laws.

Why haven't Withrow's shocking revelations made front page news nation-wide?

This single case is evidence of media control in America!