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Southern Heritage
2002 MOD Walk-A-Thon


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Southroners Joined The Fight for the
March of Dimes

2002 Shenandoah County Walk-A-Thon

March of Dimes WalkAmerica

The Southern Party of Virginia Team was a united effort of members from the Southern Party of Virginia, Virginia Heritage Coalition, Virginia League of the South(A.P.Hill Chapter), Sons of Confederate Veterans and the Virginia Chapter of the Heritage Preservation Association.

Part of the S.P.Va. Walk-A-Thon Team

Vice Chairman of the Southern Party of Virginia

The Southern Party Team had a donation goal of $250.00 and I am pleased to announce we exceeded the goal by $219.00 for a grand total of $469.00 dollars for the March of Dimes.

However, with all teams combined the March Of Dimes was able to raise over $24,000.00 Dollars.

Part of the S.P.Va. Walk-A-Thon Team

**2002 S.P.Va Team Roster**

1. Chad Allen (Team Leader) S.P.Va., V.H.C, LOS
2. Ron Allen - Vice Chairman S.P.Va.
3. Sharron Allen - S.P.Va.
4. Brent Allen - S.P.Va.
5. Mandy Taylor - S.P.Va.
6. Johnny Hostler - Chairman A.P.Hill Chapter VALOS
7. John M. Brown - A.P.Hill Chapter VALOS
8. Linda Gillispie - S.P.Va., V.H.C.
9. Bill Hexmamer - S.P.Va., V.H.C.
10. Tom Phillips - VA.H.P.A.(Manasas Chapter), SCV

A.P.Hill Chapter
Virginia League Of The South
*** Preserving our Heritage While Rising To New Heights ***