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Southern Heritage
2002 Boycott Blockade Run


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Blockade Run Press Release

A very successful "Run The Blockade" multi-directional motorcade converged at Maurice's BBQ in Columbia, SC on Saturday, 13 April 2002. Floridians, North Carolinians, Georgians, and groups of South Carolinians had already
staked out seating when Larry Sally, Chairman of the Lexington County Chapter of the SC LoS arrived with my wife
and me.

Through the miracle of modern technology, the A.P. Hill Chapter of the Virginia LoS was able to give us a "heads up" when they reached the Two Notch exit of I-20, and the whole crew lined up to welcome them as they pulled into the parking lot. What a magnificent sight - all those pickup trucks, flying Confederate flags! As they got out of their trucks, they heard "Carry Me Back To Ol' Virginny" and various other pieces of forbidden Confederate music on the bagpipes, and they lined up to shake hands with th welcoming committee lineup.

Inside, as we feasted on SC's favorite barbecue, Larry Salley officially welcomed everyone with the observation that 140 years ago SC came to the aid of VA, and now VA was returning the favor. Jay Mowery, Chairman of the SC LoS, then spoke about the need of the LoS to get its message to the middle class, which is being robbed by the rich to support the ever-increasing "lower class." He spoke cogently and eloquently, addressing the issues we must resolve in order to convince our natural allies in the middle class. The issues I specifically recall were: Social Security, taxation and spending policies, criminal justice and enforcement, preserving military forces for the purpose of protecting OUR homes and families rather than everyone we like around the world, the Second Amendment rights, and education. I believe that he also addressed immigration. His words were a wake-up call, but they echoed the
sentiment of R. Gordon Thornton's book "The Southern Nation," which speaks positively of the ability of the South to support itself in the manner outlined in the original US Constitution and the Bible. As the meeting was
drawing to a close, Julie Scott and her mother and sister,
arrived after having attended the Georgia Memorial Service at Stone Mountain. Julie said that, that event was also a success, but that they were not as fortunate with the weather as South Carolina.

Following the meeting, most of the vehicles formed a huge motorcade to the State House to pay respects to the Confederate Soldier Monument and the re-located and more historically-accurate Battle Flag, and then to take photos.

All present agreed that the event was a well-conceived and organized assemblage of dedicated patriots and that the new friendships formed would serve as the basis of future cooperation. Special mention must also be made of Jim Phelps, who conceived the idea for the event and Johnny Hostler of the AP Hill Chapter for e-mail and cell phone organization of Virginia's whole group as well as keeping me up to speed on the latest plan.

George M. Forsythe
Piper to the SC League of the South

Mounting up for the Blockade Run

A.P.Hill members gathering at the Travlers Rest Food Lion parking lot in Spotsylvania County, Va for the 2002 S.C.Blockade Run 8:30 a.m.

Meeting up with our Southron brothers and sister in Wilson N.C at the B.P. station off exit 121 on I-95 south 12:30 p.m.

Our 3rd stop on our way to S.C. was in Florence around 3:45 p.m. sorry I have no pictures of this stop.