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Blockade Run Press Release


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2002 South Carolina Boycott Blockade Run

Press Release

Press release for April 13 2002

In response to the NAACP's fervent economic terrorist attacks upon the guiltless citizens and businesses of South Carolina.

Born of necessity, the A.P. Hill Chapter of the Virginia League of the South has coordinated with other Southern Heritage groups, a blockade run into Columbia, South Carolina on April 13th, 2002 from the following states: Virginia, North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Florida
and Georgia.

Sizable groups of Patriotic Americans will be departing from their homes in the aforementioned states with the goal of driving deep into the hart of South Carolina.

The purpose of this "Boycott Blockade Run" is to illustrate our support for our Southern Culture as well as the victims of the NAACP, the "Southern" tax paying citizens and business owners both black and white of South Carolina. The participants of this blockade run wish to make it know that the these Terroristic Attacks on South Carolina's economy by the these anti-American forces will not go unchallenged.

We have every right to defend our brothers and sisters from the hostile and irrational whim's of NAACP aggressors. We plan to show our support by the display of our Southern Culture as well as spend as much money as we can while in the Great State of South Carolina.

In the truest spirit of Americanism and in the grace of God
we embrace our sister state and stand behind her 100% through this economic storm.

Respectfully Submitted:

A.P.Hill Chapter
Virginia League Of The South