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Southern Heritage
American History Quiz #1


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Can you name the conflict?

1. In what year did the Independent States, who sought for many years to live peacefully within a union, exercise their sovereign rights under their Constitutional agreement with the central government and formally and peacefully dissolve their union with that government?

2. What was the name of the central government that sought to preserve the union by force?

3. The Army of Rebellion (as it was called) had a Virginian as Commander. He had a reputation of Honor and genius that caused even his foes to admire him. Who was that Virginia General?

4. The Commanding General of the Rebel Army had as his Cavalry Commander another Virginian who had a reputation for daring & genius. Who was the Virginia General?

5. A battle that took place in Pennsylvania is viewed as decisive to the outcome of the war and is often re-enacted on its anniversary. Name that Pennsylvania battle?

6. The institution of slavery was practiced in the rebellious States. The central government, in an attempt to ferment resurrection within those States, porclaimed emancipation of slaves within those States. Who was the leader of that central government?

7. In what year and in what Virginia town did the worn-out Army of Rebellion face the superbly equipped and provisioned military machine of the centeral government for the purpose of the terms of surrender?

Can you name the conflict?

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