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Southern Heritage
Answers to A.H.Q #1


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The name of the conflict is the
War for Independence
or the
American Revolution

1. 1776
2. Great Britain
3. General George Washington
4. General Lighthorse Harry Lee
5. Valley Forge, Pennsylvania
6. King George III
7. 1781, Yorktown, Virginia

If you said 2nd War for Independence or War for Southern Independence you would just as well have been correct as both conflicts (Wars) shared the same purpose.

1. 1861
2. United States of America
3. General Robert E. Lee
4. General J.E.B. Stuart
5. Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
6. A. Lincoln
7. 1865, Appomattox, Virginia

If you where led to say "Civil War", because of key words in the question then you have been thoroughly indoctrinated and should perhaps consider some personal study and some serious questioning of what you have been told about our Nation's History.

A.P. Hill Chapter
Virginia League Of The South