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Southern Heritage
***Civil Liberty Violations***


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These are preliminary Reports of Civil Liberty Violations sent to us a link will be provided for a full account as it becomes available.

1/14/2003 - Mrs. S.P. had been employed for just over one year by C.R.A.& Associates a private contractor for a medical facility located at Quanico Marine Base in Virginia. By all reports she has enjoyed an outstanding preformance record with respect to her job and also enjoyed a mutual respect and admoration for her fellow co-workers, She was known as JB, Johnny Reb or just plain Reb the point being she was well known and respected for her Political Beliefs on her job.

On Tueday January 14th, 2003 in or around 12:30 p.m. Mrs. S.P. was engaged with a question from a navy coremen which asked [Q] Do you plan on marching on Dr. Kings holiday? Mrs. S.P. reply was [Q] Yeah, can I bring my flag? Two days later at 10:15 a.m. she was terminated from her position in the company.

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