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Truth in History - World War 1

By Elliot Germain

World War I was in many ways a repeat of the Napoleonic Wars of a century earlier. This time the War was more strategically planned, with more precise objectives. This war was aided by the industrial revolution which allowed armies to move faster, cover more ground and destroy more nations and economies.

The Holy Roman Empire had been crushed by Napoleon, and subsequently, the Hapsburg Empire fell with it. The Hapsburgs were one of several "Royal" families that ruled Europe. Austria was still very Hapsburgesque, and in 1914 Archduke Ferdinand was heir to the Austria-Hungary Hapsburg throne, although it was not totally sovereign after the Treaty of Vienna in 1815. In June, 1914, a secret society called the "Black Hand" assassinated the Archduke in Bosnia and on July 28, Germany declared War on Serbia. Serbia was a protectorate of Russia, therefore Russia declared war on Germany and it spread across Europe. England and Russia were against Germany. The King of England was the cousin of the Czar of Russia and also the cousin of the Kaiser in Germany. The War was a Royal feud. The Royals were being destroyed by the same secret societies that beheaded King Charles I of England and King Louis the 16th of France in the centuries gone by.

World War One was a war to control national economies. England was backed by the banking House of Rothschild, this is the family that helped finance the destruction of the American War of 1861. Fifty years earlier Rothschild had trained the Patriarch of a German banker family named Max Warburg. Max Warburg had four sons. Two stayed in Germany and two came to the U.S. Max Warburg stayed in Germany to become the financier of the Kaiser in World War I. His son, Paul Warburg came to the U.S. where he drafted the Congressional Bill which created our Federal Reserve Bank. Paul Warburg became chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank. In fact, at the end of the War, Paul Warburg had to decline being Fed Chairman, to avoid negotiating with Germany's financial leader, his brother, he thought it might be suspicious (it is).

Rothschild, in England helped found a secret society called the Round Table. The British who's who of World War I, were members of this hidden group, and they had their hidden agenda, [as directed by Rothschild]. America did not enter the War until almost three years after the assassination of the Archduke. When the U.S. did enter the war it was on the
side of England.

Three main goals of the War were:
1. Wreck the European Economy so as to make World War II inevitable;
2. Destroy Czarist Russia and create a communist world power;
3. Create a World government.

These goals were achieved, and right on time.

Goal On: Wreck the European Economy: Germany was crushed, and after the War, the only financial help that Germany could get came from the very ones who destroyed it. This was true in World War II also. After World War I, Germany was propped up by the U.S. dollar and so when the U.S. economy crashed in 1929 (as planned) it took Germany down with it. Roosevelt came to power in America in 1933 as a result of the economic crash. Adolph Hitler came to power in Germany in 1933 as a result of the economic crash. Both nations resorted to socialism to cure the (created) economic problem, and both would be the next "Super Powers." The stage for World War II was being set in 1933. The Federal Reserve Bank is a private (not government) bank, and it, along with a Dutch bank, funded Hitler's rise to power to the tune of 32 million dollars. Wars are a bonanza for bankers and "world" planners; and in this case, those are one and the same. Military debt is gravy money for bankers, whether it's World War I or Vietnam. And reconstruction loans after the wars are a bonanza for bankers, whether World War II, Kosovo or Afghanistan. And the political-power gained is that such loans come with "conditions." The Kaiser retired to Holland; the German colonial empire was split up among World Government lackeys and
Europe fell into the hands of the British who had used their dumb country boy muscle: the U.S.

Goal Two: Destroy Russia: Remember back in the Napoleonic Wars, all of Europe was at the mercy of the Treaty of Vienna; borders were changed and the Empires were carved up, but not all nationalist power was destroyed. France came back to power, but lost it again. Russia didn't even sign the Treaty of Vienna. Further more, Russia openly exposed the Secret Societies which instigated and ran the French Revolution. The Czar even sent ships to the American coasts during the War of 1861 because he did not want to see America suffer the same fate as Europe {from the Napoleonic Wars]. In 1905, Russia sent a publication throughout the Western world exposing a plan by secret societies to end the sovereignty of every nation for the creation of a one world government. In that year, 1905, two leaders of the Occult , Lenin and Trotsky, were financed by the Rothschilds and the Round Table to instigate the Red Revolution; it failed. As a result, the Czar started to expel Jews from Russia; (Lenin and Trotsky were Jewish). So World War I was created by the British round Table, in part, to wear Russia down in a bloody battle against Germany; Russia lost over a million troops. After those losses, and with instructions from the Round Table, and traveling on a train supplied by Germany, Lenin entered Russia and instigated the Bolshevik Revolution; killed the Czar and his Ministers (Anastasia screamed in vain). The Bankers of Britain implemented the biggest mass murder in history; set Russia up to play its new role as "the evil empire," to create a cold war with the U.S., which would spend (borrow) trillions of dollars on weapons (follow the money).

Goal Three: Create a World Government. In President Wilson's "Peace Plan" for ending World War I were his famous of "Fourteen Points" which were likely drafted in Britain and given to Wilson by his right hand man, Round Table member, Colonel House [a Texan]. One of the Fourteen Points was the creation of a World Government. Any nation that signed the peace treaty would automatically be a member of the League of Nations, and to entice nations to sign (and join the world government) they offered to divide Germany's foreign empire, and national resources, with the nations that signed the peace treaty. Even though it was called the Wilson plan, our own U.S. Senate would not sign, we stayed out of the League of Nations, and doomed it to failure. But don't fret, we would join in 1945 at the end of the next World War - in our attempt to "end all wars." And so the League of Nations then became the United Nations.

Study these facts for yourself, you should at least learn that "Establishment History" has been bought and paid for by the elite one-world wanna-be's and their multi-national corporations. If nothing else, consider this: Are we to believe that when it comes around to "America's turn" to be destroyed in World War III, (to die so that world government might live) that we will be spared simply because "we are Americans?" Can we afford to be naive? Did the Kaiser protect the Germans? Did the Czar protect the Russians? Did Robespierre protect the French?

Have you noticed Europe building up; NATO growing more powerful? Europe is also creating its own "strike force." When they reach a point where the Euro can survive without us, might they...? While we Americans suffer from some contrived national collapse, will they say that we had it coming? The "Euro" is equal to the Dollar and is being propped up to replace the Dollar as the "world's currency." The Dollar became the undisputed world currency when America, after the destruction of Europe in World War Two, implemented the economic "Marshall Plan."

Will Europe now sit back and watch us suffer on their Nightly News, as we have watched Serbia and so many others burn to the ground on our T.V.s ? Will some of them even cry: Babylon is fallen, is fallen. Your sober "Monday morning quarterbacking" will be a poor excuse for you not having food or being safe when the cities burn and the NATO troops are at your door?

A.P.Hill Chapter - Virginia League Of The South