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International Economics

Economics has its own "jurisdictions:" Local; State (or province); National: and International. But those four could be put into two categories: National (which includes local and state) and International. National economics, or trade, is subject to the sovereignty of its own particular nation. International trade uses international law to interact with the separate nations. International corporations are subject to national laws but have worked for centuries to establish an international body of laws. This "need" for international law created the "need" for an international legal body; and to that consider the words of the early Virginia patriot, John Taylor:

"Ambition [power politics] and avarice [greed] are the passions which produce civilized tyranny... Enormous political power invariably accumulates enormous wealth, and enormous wealth invariably accumulates political power. Either constitutes a tyranny, because the acquisitions of both are losses of liberty and property to nations."

The larger the "wealth" the larger the "political machine" needed to insure the survival of that enormous wealth. International law has been known as Law Merchant, or even Maritime law. Law Merchant started around the Tenth Century. This Law was developed by, and judged upon, merchants. They set up their own legislatures and had their own autonomous courts. Merchant Courts could make judgments concerning business relations occurring outside of the nation in question, it was international. Merchant Law
controlled issues such as partnerships, guarantees, and limited-liability companies (the birth Corporate Law). Merchant Law is traced back to Italy to the Merchants of Venice, Genoa and Florence, and of course,then to Amsterdam. Power hungry Merchant Law made its way from Amsterdam to England with Oliver Cromwell's revolt. Merchant Law continued when Cromwell died and the King Charles II ascended to the throne, now with the blessings of the Amsterdam bankers. Upon Charles' death, William of Orange (from Amsterdam) became King, and Amsterdam's East India Company eventually evolved to become the Bank of England. Merchant Law established its new international economic power base in London where it operates as a separate
merchant empire within greater London called "The City."

The seeds of the League of Nations came from London; the seeds of the United Nations came from London. The U.N. is comprised of six divisions: 1. The representatives from party nations "General Assembly" 2. The administrative "Secretariat" 3.The judicial "International Court of Justice" 4. The real power and brains "Security Council" 5. Another arm of the Security Council "Trusteeship Council," and 6. The "Economic and Social Council" whose goal is to control the minds, health and wallets of the world.

The framework of the Economic and Social Council reflects the political mechanism necessary for what John Taylor called the cycle of Ambition and Avarice, which is political power feeding on enormous wealth, and enormous wealth feeding on political power. Slowly read and contemplate this council's divisions: Economic Commission for Africa; E.C. for Europe; E.C. for Latin America and the Caribbean; E.C. and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific; E.C. and S.C. for Western Asia; International Labor
Org; Food and Agriculture Org; Educational, Scientific and Cultural Org; World Health Org; International Development Assoc.; International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (World Bank) [Southerners know all about
Reconstruction bankers- carpet baggers]; International Finance Corp; International Monetary Fund; Universal Postal Union; International Telecommunications Union; International Maritime Org; International Fund for Agricultural Development; Industrial Development Org; General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT); and others.

When you think of international trade, you should think of the U.N. Economic and Social Council because that is exactly what it is. International Trade is Power to the United Nations. International Trade is based upon the Internationalists granting profits to national businesses for their participation. A strong "National" economy is the "real property" that supports our National Sovereignty; and when America becomes dependent upon an "International" economy, we will have lost the fiscal foundation of our National Liberty.

Citizens of the United States have fallen victim to psychology and reverse psychology toward the end desired by the big money of the world. Think of the words "Capitalism" and "Imperialism" for a moment. If your first image on considering these to be: words voiced against "America" by third world dictators, then your first image is exactly what international finance wants you to think. You have a natural desire to defend "America" but those ignorant communists and third world dictators do not distinguish
between the "internationalists' America" which has used America's wealth to conquer the world, from "America our nation." We in America should be able to separate the roots of our culture and liberty from the machinations of the reviled internationalists operating within our borders. We should consider the real meanings of "Capitalism" and "Imperialism" if we seek to avoid our "Liberty becoming dependent" upon an International Economy.

Imperialism: The policy, practice, or advocacy of extending the power and dominion of a nation by gaining indirect control over the political and/or economic life of other areas.

You see the return of John Taylor's warning? Political power and Economic power acting together to control an entire people.

Let it be known that, in spite of the rhetoric by some, the United States and Britain control the United Nations. Today the United States is the economic engine of the world and the sponsor of the international goals of the United Nations. The Internationalists of today are working overtime with trade agreements between America and China. Who benefits from this arrangement? Certain (chosen) American businesses will make great profits from the sale of goods to China, while certain (not politically chosen)
industries in America will be undersold by the importation of Chinese goods. So the success or failure of American businesses is dependent upon the international determination of exactly which commodities will be exchanged. Pro-internationalists will receive favored tariffs or lack thereof, while pro-nationalist businesses will wonder how they were blind sided. America is being hurt. What about China? China is showing a net gain, yes, but China's growth is coming from the hand of the international empire which is
profiting from every product it buys for a penny and sells for a dollar. The international coffers are the real victor. And with every new dollar into the international economy, there is more political power delivered to the United Nations. America is the home of the United Nations and the home of Economic Imperialism but after the whole world has been subdued, the Imperial appetite will turn to devour its own children.

Capitalism: The belief in, and practice of using economics to increase wealth.

Capitalism is the belief in money, not the belief in hard work for a day's pay. Capitalists use "money" to make money. There is no "real wealth" generated by Capitalist, only the gathering of wealth. By using "money" a Capitalist can by one company, merge it with another, streamline the two, and then layoff a percentage of its work force, cut the benefits of the remaining workers which will thus produce an increase in profits, after which, the Capitalist will sell the business and make a profit of 15% of the company's total worth. In other words he used his money in a hostile
takeover to strip the company of its wealth while leaving some employees unemployed and others stripped of their vested benefits and retirement.

Consider International Capitalism in the food business. America, as required of all empires, has a great food surplus production industry. That industry wants to "feed the world," but the national borders are getting in
the way. Thus we are directed to conclude that the "reduction of national borders" equals an end to hunger in all the world (what a lovely choice we are given). The Truth-N-Economics is actually: the African nations want to
be able to feed themselves but they cannot develop their own food production industry because American wheat and soybeans are sold in Africa cheaper than they can grow them, thus there will be no African food industry. Or when English meat packers cut a deal for American meat, the British government orders the destruction of billions of Pounds worth of hoof and mouth animals for no good reason. Or when the French want to support their "small farm" culture, America threatens them with economic sanctions. Or when health conscious Europeans do not want America's hormone filled (carcinogenic) meat, the American Imperialists go to the World Government and cry foul. International Trade is growing, and to insure its self-perpetuation, World Government is growing. How long will Americans believe that the power and greed accumulated by international businesses and government will not eventually destroy our Constitutional Liberty??

A.P.Hill Chapter
Virginia League Of The South