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Southern Heritage
4/07/02 Response to no confederate history month in Va.


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My response to The recent decission not to declare April

"Confederate History Month"
in Virginia

Our Govenor of Virginia seems to have a double standard:
Date: Sun, 07 Apr 2002 20:58:51 -0400

From: Johnny Hostler <>
Organization: A.P.Hill Chapter LOS
To:Bristol Herald Courier <>,
Culpeper Star-Exponent <>,
Daily Press <>,
Gazette-Virginian <>,
Lexington News-Gazette <>,
Loudon Easterner <>,
Lynchburg News & Advance <>,
Manassass Journal-Messenger <>,
Martinsville Bulletin <>,
News Leader <>,
Paul Akers <>,
Richmond Times Dispatch <>,
Roanoke Times <>,
South Side Sentinel <>,
The Record <>,

I must say that I am truly dishearten by the Governor of The Great State Virginia for his recent decision not to declare April "Confederate History Month", now correct me if I'm wrong here but I believe the State of Virginia along with our nation recently recognized February as "Black
History Month" this would imply that one is better than the other.

Lets define "RACISM", the American Heritage Dictionary 2nd College edition states: The belief that some races are inherently better than others.

The Webster's New World Dictionary 3rd edition states: Racial discrimination or persecution, with persecution being the continuous torment for one's beliefs.

Or maybe we should be looking up "GENOCIDE",
the systematic, planned annihilation of a Race, Political or Cultural Group.

Southerners are through being ashamed, Our brave ancestors didn't fight and die for the institution of slavery. By 1861, the first year of the Confederacy, slavery was already a fading economic practice, and only a very small percentage of landowners were able to afford to keep slaves.

The boys in gray fought for the values expressed in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

They fought for their states, their homes, and principles of limited government. They fought against oppressive tariffs. In fact, they left the union despite Lincoln's promise NOT to interfere with slavery.

Slavery was quite simply never the deciding issue. And let's not forget: it was the NORTH that invaded the South, thus starting the war.

We aren't backing down anymore. The days of one-sided, ignorant, and racist attacks are done. The South is proud of our HERITAGE, HEROES and our FLAGS.

We will honor our heritage, fly our flags, and speak out against the GENOCIDE of our culture.

Virginians to forget our past is to condemn our future!

Johnny Hostler
A.P.Hill Chapter
Virginia State LOS