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Here we will post the notes from our monthly meetings in an effort to keep our members informed.

Meeting notes: March 2nd, 2002.

1. Metting was called to order at 10:15am.

2. Meeting notes of the January 26th meeting where approved, we had 10 in attendence for the 3/02/02 meeting, it was requested that we put together a email discussion group.

3. The following was resolved:
a. Blockade run to s.c. is set for April 13th, 2002 (departure time not set)
and details on traveling info i.e. stops on route will be limmited due to time involved in traveling, we will make 3 stops along the trip possibly 4 if time allows it with each stop being a contact point-(adding to motorcade), first stop in Wilson N.C. for refeuling and contact point for all from N.C., 2nd stop first rest area past the S.C. line for support of the brothers standing up to the boycott in the rest area (1st contact point for S.C.), 3rd stop Floence S.C. for refeuling and third contact point for S.C. and others coming from the South, with the destination being Marice Bessingers resturaunt on two notch rd. in Columbia S.C.
b. Flag pole issue: there is no restriction in Spotsylvania County on placing a flag pole on your property as long as there is no covenent through a home owners assoc. or in deed of said property.

4. Under new business:
a. The proposed structure plan of the A.P.Hill chapter was accepted.
b. it is the agreed that the A.P.Hill chapter will stand behind the decision of our State President to keep the Kinism statement on the Va. State LOS web site.
c. It was also agreed that we will have two monthly meetings for the A.P.Hill chapter, 1st Saturday at 10:00am & the 3rd Thursday at 7:00pm each month.

5. Our Guest speaker Jason Koehne delivered an excellent message on the evils of Marxism and the need for a revolution of the mind to know who the enemy is and the form the fight will take along with what can be done to combat the enemy.

A.P.Hill Chapter of the Virginia State League Of The South