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Truth in History - The war of 1861

By Elliot Germain

The War of 1861 was no more of a "Civil War" than the French Revolution was a "Revolution." They were both wars with goals that went far beyond those events which "Establishment History" has chosen to record, and both were actually brought about by the same forces, even though they were 70 years apart.

The United States of America was founded on the principle that Liberty was a Right for the individual citizen. That high degree of distributed Liberty restricted the occult forces of "people control" who wanted to forge all people into a "World Government." The United (yet separate and sovereign) States in America presented another particular problem to the early "One Worlders", conquering Original America would be like conquering 13 different nations and when the War of 1861 actually began, there were 34 Sovereign States in the United States. This meant that the European Powers would have to overthrow 34 separate nations, which if attempted individually would be impossible without their intentions being
exposed half way through such a convoluted plot. So the plan was to use the Northern States against the Southern States in a war which would end the "lawful authority" of the U.S Constitution and reduce the 34 States down to "One Union."

The two main geographical poles of this conflict were also the two centers of European influence in the United States: Newburyport Massachusetts and Charleston South Carolina. Newburyport would rally the Northern States against the South using the false issue of abolition (of slavery). Charleston would rally the South around "no tariffs" and States Rights. Both political poles had strong emotional public appeal, but in the making and breaking of nations, these were just the expedient excuses to create a conflict between the North and the South.

Also at stake was the growing economy of the United States. Europe saw that the resources and the population growth rate of the U.S. would soon make it the most powerful nation in the world. The War of 1861 could result
in the European (British) control of this "empire" economy by the elimination of Constitutional money in favor of a Debt Money System using the sale of U.S. Bonds. The post-1861 money system borrowed the entire treasury of the U.S. into existence. Salmon P. Chase created this unconstitutional system, and for that, he was later given the position of Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Today, America has a multi-Trillion dollar economy, and to support that economy, every dollar had to be borrowed into existence using the Chase system. If everybody traded in their bonds, there could be no currency. The problem? All of that debt is incurring an interest charge. The U.S. economy is having to pay interest on its
economic health.

The Blacks were not made "equal" by the War, but were given a lesser citizenship in the 14th Amendment. They were given only specific "civil rights" granted in that Amendment. The European powers decided to use the "Negro " population as a tool to achieve their One World government. Post-War legislation was passed by an "illegal" U.S. Congress to give themselves more and more power, outside of the Constitution, a power grab they disguised as "saving the Negro." That game is still being played today. Racial politics is a method that uses one people against another to achieve more and more federal power; such as the federal control over local schools was done for "racial" reasons. Liberals accept racial politics at face value and are being duped into voting for legislation promoting the agenda of the World Government schemes.

The War of 1861 also introduced a new type of government in America: Martial Law. Martial Law is the assumed right of a government to "defend itself" even if it must break its own Constitution and act against its own people. Lincoln did it first; then after the Economic Crash of 1929, F.D. Roosevelt in 1933, applied Martial Law (now called Emergency Powers) to the economy, where it remains in place to this day.

The Original America died in 1861, after which, the Federal Government pretended itself to be that same government, albeit, no longer constrained by the U.S. Constitution. The secret societies which planned the War of 1861 are still around today; their game is still the same, they have created "Organizations" which only offer lip service "to end racism," when actually they want racism. Today, as in January of 1863, they claim the high moral ground; but that is only a power hungry political SCAM.

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