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Southern Heritage
Response to 06/14/02 letters to the editor


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Response to Susan Simpson's letter

Confederate flag represents division

Date published: Fri, 06/14/2002

The June 1 story about Jason Robinson ["Confederate flag can be waved tastefully, says this Southern son," June 1] is the perfect example of but one core problem in American society: the perpetuation of blind ignorance from one generation to another.

Jason is young and proud of his heritage, as are many. But some day,hopefully, he will come to understand what the rebel flag means to those not of his heritage.

Regardless of the origination of the flag itself, it still represents suffering--and there is nothing one can say to refute such. It is a separatist device in American society, a society in which the only flag to be flown should be that which is being fought for today and in war-years past--the flag which represents America as a union, not a division of that union.

If he's willing, Jason should try this experiment: Exchange each reference in the article to "Confederate flag" with "Swastika," or "Civil War" with "World War II." The similarity is scary for society as a whole, but that's the raw truth for those who suffered years ago.

Susan Simpson
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From : Johnny Hoslter

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Letter text:
The June 14 letter to the editor by Susan Simpson ["Confederate flag represents division"] I submit that Mrs. Simpsons letter of June 14th is the perfect example of but one of many core problem's in American society today, the southern cultural genocide taking place and the perpetuation of blind ignorance from one generation to another.

Now lets put this issue into prespective in an age of Political correctness,teaching tolerence of others and multiculturalism to the people of the united states buy the so called politicaly correct crowd, when will the people of the south be premitted to honor their heritage with out the
harrasment and discrimination that we experience in todays society from the likes of Mrs. Simpson.

I believe a more accurate compairison would be what hitler done to the Jewish culture to what is being done to the southern culture of today in the USA by the "Politicaly Correct" crowd.


Oh well this one got away I guess.

Re: Letter to the Editor from Web site
Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2002 09:44:42 -0400
From: Linda White <>
Organization:The Free Lance-Star

Thank you for your letter. We ask readers to wait 30 days between letters. We last pubished a letter from you on June 7, therefore we will need to decline this one.

Linda J. White
Letters Editorial Assistant
The Free Lance-Star